Litigation – whether commercial or personal can become extensively long spanning from months to years. Various kinds of expenditures occur during this period and there is constant need for money to keep the case running in court. Right from paying the attorneys to running the household, from the education of children to medical expenses – everything needs to be handled simultaneously. Apart from these, there are many miscellaneous expenses as well that need to be incurred. Though the plaintiff can understand that he will win the case, he does not get a single penny before the judgment of the case. What does a plaintiff do in such a situation?

Cash Advance for Your Lawsuit

You might not know but there are financial agencies and companies, which offer loans to plaintiffs for their lawsuit, which is running in some court. This is kind of cash advance that is being paid to the applicant so that he can continue with the lawsuit as well as be able to carry out normal responsibilities without any hassle. The best thing about pre settlement loans is that there is no question of making loan repayments if the plaintiff loses the case in court. The rates of interests of such loans vary from one agency to another. Since the competition is stiff, now the rates are also reasonable.

Conditions of Getting Loans Before Case Settlement

Many people have a notion that obtaining pre-settlement lawsuit loans is a matter which involves lots of hassles. But it is not so absolutely. For obtaining these pre-settlement lawsuit loans, there is no need for income check, credit history check or bank balance check. The loan approving authority usually discusses the case with the attorney and tries to understand the status. If the case seems lost one with no scope of winning the same, the agency denies the loan approval. But if it is seen that the chances of getting settlements is high, the agency heartily gives the loan to the plaintiff.

One the loan is sanctioned, the loan amount gets transferred to the bank account of the plaintiff within 24-hours’ time. These loans have no doubt brought immense peace of mind for plaintiffs, who are awaiting court’s verdict.  

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